My Digital Resume

This blog houses my digital resume.  When I started my program at Wilkes a year ago, I was apprehensive to start a blog.  I didn’t want to be a blogger who shared the most mundane things to the masses.  But I will fully admit that it has come in handy on more than one occasion for sharing professional development or as a common spot for information for my colleagues.

When I was adding links to all the sites that I have a presence on, I chose to only add those in which I have a professional presence on.  I chose not to add social media past Pinterest because I’m careful with what I share about my personal life online.  The people that I am “friends” with online are my friends or family in real life.  I don’t follow strangers; they don’t follow me.  I don’t feel the need to approve people I’ve known since I was 2 if I haven’t seen them in equally as long of a time.  I have Google Circles for this program, however I don’t use it socially.  It was important for me to have only my professional information on this site.  If I had a professional Facebook page, I would link to that, but I don’t.

You can find links to my digital presence on this page under “About Me” and, more recently, “FDK Resources.”  This is a page I added as a result of speaking at a state educational conference.  Overall, I’m ok having a digital presence, as long as I can keep my personal and professional lives separate.  I’d make a terrible celebrity!

You can find the links to the other pages below:

Digital Resume
FDK Resources


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