Broadcast Yourself!

With so many best practices and exceptional teachers in our world, creating your own webinar is great way for you to share your strengths and talents with the teaching community in a less restrictive environment.  You can live broadcast yourself (as I attempted to do on Thursday) or pre-record yourself (as is demonstrated here.)  Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but both incorporate ways to teach and grow as an educator.

I mention that I attempted to do this presentation live on Thursday.  I was presenting at a state education conference and attempted to do a live stream of my presentations at 1pm and 2:15pm.  I promoted myself through tweets and facebook posts in educational circles.  However, the conference location we were in didn’t have the bandwidth ability to stream my presentation, allow for the 100+ participants to have all their technology open, and run a live broadcast all over wifi.  It was worth a shot.  I learned that it is very important to ensure that you have a backup method of broadcasting, such as hard writing your internet connection.  There was some great dialogue during this presentation that would have been excellent for everyone to see.  Live and learn.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 11.38.38

Pre-recorded presentations can still be interactive.  I created this one for you to view on VoiceThread, which allows the user to upload a presentation and add voice clips.  It is definitely not as dynamic as the live presentations, as I couldn’t switch between screens or allow for video use.  Instead, I had to encourage viewers to head to my website in order to watch the videos I was speaking of.  It can still be interactive, though.  If I encouraged viewers to be online at the same time, they could record comments, type questions, and interact with me in a less personal way.  Similarly, by subscribing to a thread, I can comment back to people at a later date.  From a creator standpoint, one benefit of pre-recorded presentations is that you have the opportunity to write down and read what you want to say.  This ensures that you say everything you want to say instead of getting interrupted or forgetting something important.  A benefit as a viewer is that you can watch the presentation and interact at your own speed at your own time.  Because this presentation will always be online, you don’t have to be available at the pre-set times.

Overall, I wish that I had been successful in my attempt to livestream my presentation, as I think it would have been more engaging, however, this will do for a first attempt.  You can view it below or see it here.  Broadcasting yourself allows you to share your educational talents with a large audience through various formats.  It can be intimidating, but in a world where we educators have so much to do, it is important to share the wealth and the knowledge that comes with it.


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