Discovering New Sites

During the calendar year of 2103, an estimated 103 MILLION websites were added to the internet, bringing the worldwide total to 759 Million sites (  That’s a lot of information.  With all these new sites, it is important to make sure that you keep up on what is being added.  Your next best thing could be out there waiting for you to discover it.  The website is an excellent site that hosts links to many popular websites.  It has a convenient filtering tool that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

I have two websites that I found to use in my classroom and share with my coworkers:

Game Classroom is an educational website that has educational games that are easily used by all students.  The best part (to me) is that you can go to grade specific games.  No more sifting through sites to find the games that are appropriate for your grade.  As a bonus, you can “level up” kids who are performing above grade level.  Games are broken into math and language arts sections.  In addition it has “homework help” pages that have ideas for teachers (or parents at home… hint, hint.) to help reinforce ideas with students.  Also, it’s FREE and doesn’t require log-ins, which is desirable for teachers and parents.

Another important site that I found was called Sweet Search.  Sweet Search is a safe search engine for kids to use when researching topics or looking for information.  All sites that come up in the search results have been verified by Sweet Search staff to ensure that they comply with internet safety rules and regulations.  It takes a lot of the fear out of letting kids search in a free-for-all using sites like Google or Yahoo.  It is not as fast as other search engines, but all the sites your student will visit will have safe content.  In addition there is a Sweet Search Biographies and Sweet Search Social Studies specific sites.  My favorite of the search engines associated with this page is the Sweet Search 2Day page that teaches something new every day, including a “this day in history”, news articles, and other interesting facts.  Although this doesn’t pertain necessarily to kindergarten, I can see it being very useful to other grades.  One thing that could make this site better, though, would be making the search results more “kid friendly” and include image searches or even a hover-over preview feature.

Check out Go To Web 2.0 and see what new sites you can find!


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