516 Introduction

*This post is intended as an introduction post for the other participants in my EDIM 516 (Sustaining Digital Literacy) class.

Hello!  My name is Kate and I teach full-day, title kindergarten in Bend, Oregon.  My class is comprised of 100% low-SES, 60% ELL students.  Most of them did not attend pre-school and the majority of them suffer from the 30 Million Word Gap.  Throughout the year, I watch them grow from knowing zero letter names and sounds when they start school to reading Level D books independently in June.  Their growth is phenomenal.  I try my best to incorporate technology into our classroom whenever I can, although until students are literate, most research and reading online is done in highly scaffolded small groups with adult support.

I’m participating in the EDIM Masters Program from Wilkes University because I’m interested in the integration of digital technology into classrooms and because my district is in the midst of a digital iPad conversion.  My hope is that with my degree, I’ll be able to help other teachers in my school and district incorporate technology into their teaching and improve upon my own instructional practices as well.

Outside of education, I love spending my time traveling and being outdoors.  I’ve been to 15 countries and am planning a trip to 3 more (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro) next summer.  Bend is an outdoor mecca and I’m lucky to live in a place where running, biking, hiking, rafting, floating, skiing, and snowshoeing are common place.  My favorite local place is Smith Rock – it is absolutely stunning!

I’m looking forward to working with all of you!


2 thoughts on “516 Introduction

  1. Wonderful that you are able to make such great progress! I enjoyed seeing the picture of Smith Rock. I don’t seem to be able to add a picture of the mountain by us, so I’ll add it to my blog. Have a great weekend! -Melissa

  2. Kate,
    Your classroom sounds very active and the progress amazing. Your neck of the woods sounds amazing and beautiful for active bodies and minds. May there be much technology integration in your students future,
    Valerie York

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