Video Blogs and the Five Minds

I have learned a lot in my Digital Media in the Classroom course about technology integration in education by both students and educators.  This week, I realized with my latest assignment that video blogs are not my favorite.  Especially when given a time limit (sorry for going 10 seconds over – I couldn’t help it.)  I find it much easier to be able to type and edit my words in written form than to video them.  I like that I can go back at a later point and focus my work before publishing.  This can be accomplished with video blogs, but in my case, not as easily.  I rarely have a hard time talking… except for when a camera is on me.  I say “um” a lot; something I don’t do in normal dialogue.  I suppose, that like all things, it’ll take more practice.

This video blog is 2 minutes on how I plan on continuing to develop my five minds as discussed in Howard Gardner’s book 5 Minds for the Future.  It’s a great book that everyone should read if you plan on succeeding in your workplace or society in general.


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