Big Huge Labs Motivator

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Patience is a virtue – something we all need to remember at this point in the school year.  My school teaches various character traits throughout the year; the focus on each lasting for 6 weeks.  Patience, friendship, (being) trustworthy, and perseverance are a few.  Each classroom studies the current character trait, and at the end, one student is chosen from each classroom as the Character Trait Award recipient.  Sometimes the student chosen exemplifies the trait, sometimes it is a student who has made gains in this area.

I created the image above using Big Huge Labs, which allows you to upload an image and edit it into (among others) movie posters, magazine covers, or as I did, a motivational poster.

After teaching a few lessons on patience (our current character trait), I am using this motivational poster as a writing prompt:  “Explain why the dog in the picture is showing patience.  Tell what you think will happen if the dog does or does not have patience.  How can you relate to the dog?”  Samples from this writing prompt will help me to understand who has an understanding of the character trait, as well as who can apply their knowledge to both their own actions and the actions of others.  After testing it out with this character trait, I may create more for the others, refining and recreating this lesson to best meet the needs of my classroom.


2 thoughts on “Big Huge Labs Motivator

    • Thank you! I’m going to be testing it out either this week or next, so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll also pass along any other posters I end up creating.

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